About Us

Home to some of Australia's strongest and hardest working

We’re a training facility that accommodates all training levels from complete beginners to the advanced athlete.

Here at Valhalla Strength we strive to be the best at what we do. Our members are our priority and their progress, success, and enjoyment during their time at our facility is all that matters to us. We have a team of world class coaches that provide an unparalleled support and service and a facility that rivals no one when it comes to quality and quantity of competition strength training equipment. We are a gym of progression and we provide the tools to help any strength athlete, bodybuilder or regular gym goer to achieve their goals.

We also proudly host some of the biggest and best powerlifting competitions Australia has to offer. Working closely with GPC Australia and hosting a number of novice competitions as well, if you are interested in competing, we have the facility and team ready to set you up for ultimate success come comp day!

What we offer

Our team creates opportunities for you to progress and succeed through the following:


Our coaching plans are tailored for your specific goals. We have online and in-person coaching options available. Find the right coach for you, and get started today.

Gym Access

We are well-equipped with specialist powerlifting equipment, a range of conditioning tools and strongman equipment, among others. 


Get more than just a gym and a program, get the community that supports and encourages you to achieve your goals. 

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